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PC plastic raw material features and... PC plastic materials are known as polycarbonates. The English name of polycarbonate is Polycarbonate, abbreviated as PC.... The development trend of modified nylon Nylon, as the largest and most important variety in engineering plastics, has strong vitality, mainly due to its high... Application of Modified Nylon in... Due to the strong polarity of PA, it has strong hygroscopicity and poor dimensional stability, but it can be improved by...
Do you not understand it? Modified nylon... Modified nylon is a class of engineering plastics, and is a granular product formed by changing the physical properties ... 2018-04-19 MORE >>
Ningbo Huibang Nylon: The Nylon Kingdom ... Nylon has been tried and applied in various fields since its inception in 1938, from stockings, clothing to carpets,... 2018-04-10 MORE >>
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