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In order to guarantee the quality of our products, manufacturing department will use coherent process desperately, professional manufacturing experience, the new production equipment to produce high quality products which meets the needs of customers. We demand that every process should achieve excellence. In recent years the company spent heavily to introduce large TX6920 CNC floor-type boring machine which can process up to four meters high,ten meters in length of injection molding machine templates and combined with machining center and other all kinds of cutting machine, heat treatment equipment, testing equipment and paint which make the company processing capacity, particularly large and super large injection molding machine manufacturing processing capacity and product quality guarantee ability to reach a higher level in the industry.

If enterprises want to have a strong development advantage in the long run, they must increase the investment in research and development and continuously carry out product innovation and quality improvement, so as to strengthen the market competitive position of the enterprise. Each year, the company has invested a huge amount of money in the development and quality improvement of new products, so that Hai Da company has continuously updated, better and more affordable product supply market every year.

In addition, the design of each product in the Hui Bang engineering center is strictly calculated, including "mechanical finite element", "dynamic vibration and dynamic force" analysis. For new products, they not only organize to elaborate testing the indicators to verify compliance with the requirements of design parameters, but also invited national authority, experts, well-known university professor to monitor, appraise and guide. We strive to design the product to achieve the perfect state.

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