Guarantee Technical Value-added Partner
Technical service team

The technical service team of HuiBang Nylon is jointly established by the company and the Chinese academy of sciences. Most of the technicians have more than 10 years' experience in the development of modified nylon. In the course of more than ten years, we have accumulated the environmental protection, high strength, weather resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis, high and low temperature and flame retardant of the modified nylon material. We can provide customers with modified nylon material, product design, color design, etc.

Pre-sale and after-sales service

In the pre-sale services, from the theoretical analysis and practical experience on the basis of the materials needed for the product to analyse so that can avoid the phenomenon of material properties required for far more than the product itself, reduce material performance excessive demands, improve the qualified rate of products, reduce the manufacturing cycle, thus greatly reduce the cost of the customer, truly tailored for the customer.

In the production process, we may frequently encountered various quality defects and anomalies. Mould debugging cannot be solved only by experience and analysis, long testing time, waste of raw materials, lacking of scientific system of analysis and solution for plastic molding defects. With solid professional knowledge and rich practical experience, we can provide customers with injection test on site. According to the state of the mold and molding equipment, we try to find the best molding process window and give the best and reasonable suggestion for production of parts forming conditions in aspects of molding equipment which makes customer get the best quality products with minimal energy consumption of production.

Technical communication

According to the requirements of the customers, Hui Bang Nylon provides a complete formula of nylon modification. In addition, the company has established cooperation mechanisms to conduct technical exchanges and jointly develop high-performance nylon materials. Company technical personnel participate in international and domestic meetings regularly. Through technical seminars, exhibition display and activities, they can get mutual communication engineering plastics industry new ideas, new model and new experience. To promote and guide the healthy development of modified nylon industry through the construction of technical communication.

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