Carbide needle use should pay attention to the following matters

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Carbide is a mixture of metal carbide powder and cobalt. Commonly used metal carbides are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, niobium carbide and vanadium carbide. They can make hard alloys with high hardness and high wear resistance. The alloy is an efficient tool material. It is a mixture of high-melting-point, high-hardness metal carbide powders and binders. It is pressed into various desired shapes by the powder metallurgy method to ensure that the carbides have a certain degree of certainty. The strength and toughness.

Carbide punching needles, also known as tungsten steel punching needles, tungsten steel punching needles, are made of hard alloy rods. They have high precision, high hardness and good flexural strength. They are suitable for hardware and electronic processing. The industry, generally installed on the stamping die for blanking, separates or plastically deforms the material to obtain the desired part. Carbide punching needles have long service life and corrosion-resistant characteristics due to their high hardness. They are widely used in industrial machinery manufacturing and processing.

The hard alloy needles are made of tungsten steel as a whole, and because carbides have a high hardness and have a certain brittleness, attention should be paid to the following matters when using, installing, and handling impulses:

1. The hard alloy punching needle should be installed in place and firmly fixed.

2. The punching pressure of the hard alloy punching needle should be appropriate and cannot be adjusted too large to avoid punching due to excessive pressure.

3, the stamping stroke should be set reasonable, short stamping stroke is not only easy to damage the material, waste increases, but will directly damage the punch.

4. Whether it is during packaging, installation or disassembly, and during use, throwing, throwing, and punching of tungsten steel punches must not be performed in order to prevent the hard alloy needles from colliding or being damaged due to external force.

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