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HB251 特性:玻纤增强25%、热稳定性好、耐磨性强、机械强度高等特性 应用:内门扣手底座,内饰件等
Trade Name and Grade:PA6-GF25  HB251     Glass fiber reinforced
PropertiesTest StandardTest conditionUnitTypical Value
Mechanical properties
Tensile strengthISO5275mm/minMPa140
Tensile Stain,BreakISO5275mm/min%3
Flexural strengthISO1782mm/minMPa205
Flexural modulusISO1782mm/minMPa6800
Charpy notched impact strengthISO179-1eA23℃KJ/m210
Charpy impact strengthISO179-1eU23℃KJ/m260
Thermal properties
Heat distortion temperatureISO 751.8MPa205
Heat distortion temperatureISO 750.45MPa215
Physical properties
Other properties
Molding ShrinkageISO2577/%0.3-0.5
Filler contentISO1172/%25
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These technical data in the product brochures are typical data under specific test conditions( at 23±2℃ and 50±5% relative humidity) and not intended foruse as limiting specifications.
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